Antitranspirant ohne Aluminium als Deocreme gegen Schweißgeruch und starkes Schwitzen

2 in 1 Deodorant cream with antiperspirant effect

Stopping sweat with a natural product is impossible? Not anymore. Our 2 in 1 deodorant creams inhibit sweat production without clogging the sweat glands and protect you from wetness throughout the day. They are 100% natural and come in a sustainable glass jar.



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Aluminium in deodorants.

Not with us.


The human body is amazing! When it senses that it is overheating, it lowers its temperature and cools it down by producing sweat . As annoying as sweating might be, it is completely natural and also important. Nevertheless, sweat stains and odours are usually quite unpleasant. To prevent this many mainstream antiperspirants on the market contain aluminium compounds as their active ingredient. These compounds often clog the sweat glands, which can have various consequences.

With Niyok you get a natural antiperspirant that reduces the production of sweat but does not clog the sweat glands.


Instead of irritating.


Conventional spray deodorants tend to irritate your armpits, our deodorant cream nourishes your armpits thanks to shea butter and organic coconut oil being able to provide moisture without the feeling of wetness. The cream reacts with your body heat. This way it can be optimally distributed and does not form lumps.  

Deo ohne Aluminium in der Sorte Green Touch gegen Schweiß

Green touch

7,99 € - 40ml

The extraordinary scent of cardamom & mimosa. Natural and delicate.


Peach perfect

7,99 € - 40ml

The delicious scent of peach & apricot.

The fruity fresh deodorant cream.

Deo ohne Aluminium in der Sorte Kokos ohne Parfum gegen Schweiß

Coconut - no perfume

7,99 € - 40ml

The light scent of coconut. Our neutral deodorant cream. 

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2 in 1 Deodorant cream

green touch

7,99 € - 40ml


2 in 1 Deodorant cream

peach perfect

7,99 € - 40ml


Coconut oil toothpaste

peppermint & lemon

4,99 € - 75ml


Coconut oil toothpaste

lemongrass & ginger

4,99 € - 75ml