A tube from 50% chalk tube body

and 50% pure PE.

Less CO2 with the chalk tube.

Everyone is talking about the environment, nothing happens.


measures for more sustainability in the cosmetics industry.


Made in Germany.


Ingredients travel long enough. To ensure that the finished products do not travel additional long distances, we produce them in Germany. We set the highest standards for our producers and suppliers and produce all our products with green electricity.


No pointless boxes.

You ever wondered why everything is always packaged 5 times before it reaches the end consumer?

So have we.
We can’t change anything about the plastic wrapped around cucumbers at the supermarket, but what we can do is say no to the pointless boxes that come with conventional toothpaste. Other manufacturers we have talked to say "it protects the tube". That's nonsense to us. Less packaging, less trouble for the environment.   


   Less resources.

Due to the unique structure of the chalk tube, we use significantly less packaging material. This means that our tube walls are less than half as thick as those of normal plastic tubes. This way we can save up to 5 tons of plastic per million tubes. Another advantage of having thinner packaging is that you can squeeze it more easily and get more toothpaste out of the tube.

Chalk tube.

240 µm

Traditional tubes.

500 µm

Less plastic.


More than 2/3 of the plastic waste in Germany is incinerated. Less plastic means less CO2. Niyok comes in a chalk tube consisting of 50% chalk and 50% pure polyethylene.  We don’t use dangerous plasticisers, light stabilisers, stabilisers and waxes. This way we reduce the plastic consumption and you still get a toothpaste that is practical, safe and hygienically packaged.